Business Continuity

Send timely notifications during crisis events that impact people and business. Power outages, fire, weather, financial & policy events, admin and maintenance alerts, etc. Other use cases include automated and effective call trees, security awareness, simulation exercises, tabletop exercises, etc.

To keep the business operational during a disaster it is important to plan things properly which allows companies to protect data, systems, and people.

The catastrophic impact of COVID and other crisis situations globally reinforces the importance of having a sound business continuity and disaster recovery plan. Creating such a plan allows companies facing a disaster to follow a deliberate set of actions.

Key Highlights

Regular Call Tree Drills
Every organization should conduct a call tree activation drill at least once per year. A key outcome of this report is to note any single point of failure, opportunities for improvement, and recommended actions.
Simulation Exercises
For many companies, simulation exercises are becoming standard practice during the recruitment process. Using simulations, recruiters can measure abilities and discover the hidden potential of prospective employees.
Security Awareness
EmReach Notifications helps you to send Security Awareness messages in bulk to employees. It provides a safe and secure environment for employees and helps employers defend precious assets. Surveys and security updates help in providing proper communication.
Natural Calamity Response
A natural disaster response plan is the only way employers can avoid temporary or permanent shutdowns after such events. Involving your employees in executing your disaster response plan brings a more hands-on deck to save your business.
Admin & Maintenance Alerts
It’s always a good idea to let your employees know when you are updating your system. It helps in improving the company performance, ensuring 100% visibility of critical information to the employees.
Governance & Compliance
Governance & Compliance helps maintain the operational efficiency and integrity of an organization. It also helps an organization to achieve objectives reliably, address uncertainty, and act with integrity.