HR & Corporate Communication

Send HR communications like important policy or process changes and new initiatives. Broadcasting leadership messages in the actual voice of the leader to maximize the impact and convey importance.

The difference between now and then is huge, and the challenges facing today´s leaders compared to yesterday´s are related much more strongly to communications.

Therefore, high-quality internal communication is crucial for employee satisfaction and motivation. Combining the competencies of HR and communications is critical from an employer branding perspective.

EmReach communication solutions help you with external as well as internal communication, which helps your brands to improve communication and leads the way through the market trends.

Key Highlights

Policy Announcement
HR lays the foundation by establishing good personnel policies and routines designed to attract competence and promote professional leadership. By adding communicative skills to the HR function, the results will become much better.
Broadcast Leadership Message
Successful business requires leaders firmly grounded in corporate brand values, steering towards clear goals and a vision. To lead through the combination of HR and communications is to bring life to strategies and goals in a way that stimulates employee engagement.
Process Change Communication
Making processes clear and understandable to all will undoubtedly strengthen leaders in their role and employers in their loyalty and commitment.
Inter–Department Communication
Communicators appreciate clarity and structure. Having inter-department communication always keeps the transparency and structured flow going.
Employee Feedback
EmReach Two-Way Communication helps an organization to get effective employee feedback. Companies that effectively handle employee feedback enjoy 14.9% lower turnover rates.
Engagement Push Notification
Get a boost on employee engagement and make employees more involved in company culture by always sending functional and collaborative notifications. This helps in having more brand positivity among employees.