Incident status updates over voice

Information Line

When a crisis unfolds quickly with a constant need to provide updates, use EmReach's Information Line to quickly set up and configure your updates on a global or local number.

EmReach's Information Line tool helps you setup a virtual number in minutes and lets you update comprehensive messages on the numbers. Anyone seeing the latest updates on the crisis or office status can call the number and get up-to-date information about the incident.


Automate handling of call inquiries
Quickly set up and configure a comprehensive update about any incident accessible via inbound call.
Global and Local numbers
Centralize your incoming calls using a global number, or maximize throughput using a local country number.
Make frequent updates with ease
Easily update the message frequently using any device as the incident unfolds with new information.
Localize your message
Instantly record messages using your own voice or use professional text-to-speech voices for 35+ languages.

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